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Summary of Summer Program Activities

· Photography Bootcamp with Best Buy Geek Squad

· Make and sell your own Jewelry

· Enrichment & Leadership, and Teen Financial Literacy

· Healthy Cooking Workshop with local chef

· Field trips

· SAT tutoring

· Make your own app with app inventor.

Teens will have access to

· Full recording studio

· High tech computer lab

· A Full court gym

· Full adobe suite including Photoshop, adobe premiere, and graphic design tablets

· State of the art photography and video equipment and lighting

· 3D printer

Fireflies By: Alpha Artists

We created a music video to go along with a song created by our music group. The song is named Fireflies it has lots of different instruments and beats. We used a Canon camera to shoot all the different parts of the video. We, the Alpha Artists have had to edit and cut and trim the video many times. We used different lights to fade the background. We did all this on Adobe Premier Pro to put it all together.

The Wish

We created a video so that the music studio can accompany our video with their music. There was a difficult process that we had to go through. We had to write the script for the video first and then we filmed and once it was edited together, we added the music from the music studio to it. This is the the version that has audio on it.

Directed By: Jada Tummings
Edited By: Brianna Thomas
Filmed By: Xavier Roca

Keansburg Amusement Park

IMG_3712On Tuesday, August 4th, 2015, the Teen Tech Center went on a field trip with the rest of the Boys and Girls Club to Keansburg, NJ amusement park. For the first half of the day we were in the amusement park with the roller-coaster rides and the food..then later on in the day we went to the water park right across the street. The water park was so much fun. I was flipped in the Lazy River about four times during the entire time we were there. I had fun.


I made this because I felt like making something new but that has a calm beat to it that makes everyone feel relax. The instrumental beats I use was electric piano, drum beats, synths, dub step beats, string, and guitar. It was a process for me, when i choice a beat i make sure that all the sounds blend in together.After i was done with this i put it on so i can feel relax.

Clarissa’s Experience at the Music Studio

The music group from the teen tech center went to a real music studio and had the opportunity to see how things really are. I was so excited to see all of the equipment and instruments in the studio. I was able to see how the process of recording works and editing works. Then some others recorded on a few songs and it was a lot of fun. I also recorded on a song as well and it was fun but at that moment I realized that rapping is not for me, I just like listening to it. Nevertheless it was overall a fun and great experience.


Kiana’s Experience at the Music Studio

On Thursday, July 31st the music group in the teen tech center went to a music studio. I was excited because i actually got to see the equipment they used to make, record, and produce music. I also enjoyed how my friends would record something and how you could put all these different effects on it. I enjoyed going to the music studio, it was a really great experience.

Fadeaway by Dayshawn, Bianca, & Jethro



I wrote this song, it was a description of how I felt. I got Jethro to add in guitar and the words fit perfectly to the rhythm. Then we decided to add Bianca to do the second verse. The song really came together when we added Bianca.


Taxi App

Screenshot (2)

In an effort to give the taxi companies of Jersey City and hopefully NYC an edge over Uber and Lyft, My team and I created an app that would give the cabbies a much needed advantage over their more independent rivals. While this app may still be in alpha status, it shows some early promising results with its user interface and controls. Hopefully the call and location sections of the app can be improved to make it more effective and the app will be able to go on both iOS and Android. The process of creating this app was long and tedious due to the internet shutting down and various team members calling in sick. Eventually, the app was finished and works quite well.

Note: No one try to copy this app



This is an app i made with a quick thought and I actually got

somewhere with it. AZER is a computer company I want to create

when I become a major engineer and own a big company. I made this

app because I find it interesting to make a personal app for your future

company. And I had a good time making this app.  Discuss the different pages you created and why. Discuss the type of code you used and your experience learning the program. Create a Close up image of just the app itself to use as a featured image
Screenshot (3)