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Developing A Video Idea

When I first stepped into the program I did not know what to expect in the Teen Tech Center. On the first week, we took pictures and had a scavenger hunt at Liberty State Park and it was a new experience for me since I never did a scavenger hunt with pictures before.  Although the program started off slow, it gradually got better each week.

The second week, I was able to be in a group with a talented young filmmaker and we got to make a music video for a peer who is in the music program for the Teen Tech Center. It was the first ever music video that I was apart of filming and it was fun being a producer for the project. I helped give creative ideas for the music video and I helped film some scenes as well.

In the third week I worked with Jada’s group and we helped make a music video for one of the teachers in the program named Celina. While my assigned job did not involve most of the camera work or editing I was an actor in the program and I helped with the creation process of writing the storyboard for our music video. I can say that it was my favorite project I have done so far for the Teen Tech Center.courtney

In conclusion, I am thankful for the people I have met in the Teen Tech Center. I now enjoy being there and I have learned many things and I hope too learn many more.

Photo Exhibition at City Hall

The teens participated in a photography workshops
! We were fortunate enough to have an exhibit of their work at City Hall during National Boys & Girls Clubs Week! And the city created a proclamation honoring the amazing work Gary and the Boys & Girls Clubs have done for our community. Congrats Teens! I’m so proud of you!

It’s Studio Time!

            IMG_3607  Juan here! Third week into the Photography Workshop, Jacqueline and I decided that instead of shooting certain things outdoors like portraits, texture, patterns, minimalism and so forth, we would shoot indoors in a studio setup. Our focus was on portraits. The students searched up work on the web to find inspiration for what we could shoot. They chose photos that they felt were interesting and that they wished to recreate as an exercise.

             In a studio setting, one is much more in control of the lighting and the positioning of things in the frame. This gave the students more control of their environment, especially in the aspect of lighting. When one is in control of lighting, the outcomes of a photo can be extremely varied. The students experimented with the lighting kits and how the positioning of the light effects shadows and creates contrast. They were able to see how different lighting creates different moods.

IMG_3606We recreated the lighting in the photos that the students chose remake. One student would be the model, one student would be the photographer, and others would control the lighting along with Jacqueline and myself. They would switch roles so they all had a chance to experience a different role. The photographer is the most important in the roles since they are capturing the image and they must decide on how they will frame the photo in comparison to the photo that the students chose to remake. However, equally as important is the role in which one controls the actual light in the scene. Everyone worked as a team and the outcome was phenomenal!


Digitizer’s First Week

Today was our third day (first or second for some) of the Teen Tech Summer Camp and it was a long one. We spent two hours in Jersey City taking photos of many things that show examples of Patterns, Texture, Landscape, Portrait, Point of View, and Simplicity. With a group of three we were able to capture different moments around the area. We were able to take time to appreciate nature and also city life in the area around us. Using a competition to get us challenged, we took pictures of different concepts of photography. It was a great way to get out in the sun and also gain experience in the field of photography. With the rule of no babies, flowers, or dogs it was a bit of a challenge to capture some of the concepts on the list, but we pulled through. IMG_1965IMG_1894IMG_1928IMG_1910


The picture of the flowers is a elegant,blossoming,and creative> I chose this picture because when i was younger I would go grow flowers out in the front yard and would take pictures of them and pick them up and smell and would re plant there seeds and there was this one time i ate a flower too I also like to take pictures outside because there is creative all around when you go outside and I feel like there can be good pictures that have excellent taste and patterns.IDSC_0044

Nothing but a plane in sight By Ibrahim Sidibay

This picture was randomly taken

on a clear day. I just looked up and saw

a plane. Then I zoomed my camera into the sky

and took a couple pictures.

I really like engineering and all types of technology so when I saw a plane in

my gallery, it was my first photo to be uploaded.

There wasn’t a whole

story to this. I wish there was, but it’s a simple

and empty photo.


A Smile and the Sea By: Jada Tummings

This picture is a mixture of my Portrait taken by the Alpha Artists Leader, Tasmima,

and a Seascape taken by me. When these pictures were taken,

I was surrounded by a calm environment on both days.

These pictures together create a different feeling than the original photos do,

That’s why I love it.

A Smile and the Sea




is it a flock of birds or a Ferris wheel

here is a picture of a gate that is in a really cool angle.

What inspired me to take this picture was that i was just walking and since the gate looks like arrows pointing up i decided to take a picture of the direction the point



Landscape Photo: One World Trade

The reason

I took this picture, was because I think the background looked good behind the buildings. It gave the picture a dramatic, yet lively feel.


Experience with pictures – NONE

I never really took pictures from different angles and perspectives before. I’m just starting out.