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Developing A Video Idea

When I first stepped into the program I did not know what to expect in the Teen Tech Center. On the first week, we took pictures and had a scavenger hunt at Liberty State Park and it was a new experience for me since I never did a scavenger hunt with pictures before.  Although the program started off slow, it gradually got better each week.

The second week, I was able to be in a group with a talented young filmmaker and we got to make a music video for a peer who is in the music program for the Teen Tech Center. It was the first ever music video that I was apart of filming and it was fun being a producer for the project. I helped give creative ideas for the music video and I helped film some scenes as well.

In the third week I worked with Jada’s group and we helped make a music video for one of the teachers in the program named Celina. While my assigned job did not involve most of the camera work or editing I was an actor in the program and I helped with the creation process of writing the storyboard for our music video. I can say that it was my favorite project I have done so far for the Teen Tech Center.courtney

In conclusion, I am thankful for the people I have met in the Teen Tech Center. I now enjoy being there and I have learned many things and I hope too learn many more.

Fireflies By: Alpha Artists

We created a music video to go along with a song created by our music group. The song is named Fireflies it has lots of different instruments and beats. We used a Canon camera to shoot all the different parts of the video. We, the Alpha Artists have had to edit and cut and trim the video many times. We used different lights to fade the background. We did all this on Adobe Premier Pro to put it all together.

The Wish

We created a video so that the music studio can accompany our video with their music. There was a difficult process that we had to go through. We had to write the script for the video first and then we filmed and once it was edited together, we added the music from the music studio to it. This is the the version that has audio on it.

Directed By: Jada Tummings
Edited By: Brianna Thomas
Filmed By: Xavier Roca

The Teen Summit Logos

TEENSUMMIT2_thumb_largeI had recently developed a logo, but for those who don’t know what a logo is it’s a simple picture people use to represent something, like a company for example like Google, Yahoo, MSN , etc. The time it took me to make my very own Teen Summit logo took a few weeks. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy. It took a little brainstorming. The program I use’d to make my Teen Summit logo was Photoshop, a program that many are familiar with. Basically for people who don’t know what the Teen Summit logos are for, it’s for the Teen Summit Leadership and Enrichment Conference. The conference is where representatives from Teen Tech Centers around the country to meet and share ideas. Most of the logos were sketched by hand first, and later applied to Photoshop. What you see here are some of the sketches as well as the logo I made and another from a student here the Teen Tech Center in preparation for the upcoming event in 2016.                         summit logo ibrahim sidibay

Teen Tech “Home Alone”: Behind the Scenes

20151202_165754“Teen Tech Home Alone” is a parody film inspired by the “Home Alone” film series. The film is being developed by the Teen Tech Center. The initial concept came from one of the students, Jessie, who’s been involved with the project since its conception. Most of the teens have been generally excited to start filming for the project. Jessie and Jorge, an intern at the Tech Center, wrote the script and developed the storyboards for the film. In “Teen Tech Home Alone,” a student winds up getting locked in the Teen Tech Center after staying after school to play drums. Eventually, robbers are trying to break into the facility in order steal the music equipment. The hero of the film must thwart the robbers attempts in typical “Home Alone” fashion. The experience has been fulfilling for the students. Shooting is still continuing at the moment due to technical issues, but that has not stopped it from being a good learning experience for the students. Filming and production should be done by next week. “Teen Tech Home Alone” will be shown at the Teen Tech Center during the 2015 Holiday Season.20151202_165503

Keansburg Amusement Park

IMG_3712On Tuesday, August 4th, 2015, the Teen Tech Center went on a field trip with the rest of the Boys and Girls Club to Keansburg, NJ amusement park. For the first half of the day we were in the amusement park with the roller-coaster rides and the food..then later on in the day we went to the water park right across the street. The water park was so much fun. I was flipped in the Lazy River about four times during the entire time we were there. I had fun.


I made this because I felt like making something new but that has a calm beat to it that makes everyone feel relax. The instrumental beats I use was electric piano, drum beats, synths, dub step beats, string, and guitar. It was a process for me, when i choice a beat i make sure that all the sounds blend in together.After i was done with this i put it on so i can feel relax.

Clarissa’s Experience at the Music Studio

The music group from the teen tech center went to a real music studio and had the opportunity to see how things really are. I was so excited to see all of the equipment and instruments in the studio. I was able to see how the process of recording works and editing works. Then some others recorded on a few songs and it was a lot of fun. I also recorded on a song as well and it was fun but at that moment I realized that rapping is not for me, I just like listening to it. Nevertheless it was overall a fun and great experience.


Kiana’s Experience at the Music Studio

On Thursday, July 31st the music group in the teen tech center went to a music studio. I was excited because i actually got to see the equipment they used to make, record, and produce music. I also enjoyed how my friends would record something and how you could put all these different effects on it. I enjoyed going to the music studio, it was a really great experience.