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Final Bluebot Day

On our final Bluebot day, we finished assembling the chaise. We added the wheels, the motion censor, and we connected all of the wires to the breadboard. We got the motor to work on our first test run but our robot was spinning in circles and we realized that one of the wheels was moving in the wrong direction. So we flipped the motor around and Voila! We got our robot to work.


Bluebot Day 2



IMG_0737On  day  two we started to assemble our robot . The first thing we did is assemble thy battery holder and   the breadboard to the blue chaise. We also  added  the motor. We had a hard time with screwing on the bolts to  make the motors  stay  on the chaise.







Thankfully our music teacher, Andrea helped  us figure out a way to screw on the bolts.IMG_0753

Bluebot Day 1

IMG_0687  IMG_0691 IMG_0686

Today we learned how to set up a Breadboard for a Bluebot. Some of the members didn’t think  we could do it  because it looked  complicated, but we decided to take on the project anyway.  We had to be completely concentrated while creating a Breadboard for the Bluebot  because if we were to mess up, we would have to go to the beginning and start all over again. Throughout the project, we stayed  focused on it and tried to  finish the important part of the Breadboard within a reasonable amount of time but we ran out of time so we will remain working on our Bluebot project on our STEM day every Thursday. Even though the Bluebot Project looked difficult in the beginning, as we moved on and watched the Tutorials and used the Slide Show for help, I believe that the project will be a lot easier to accomplish doing. I  think  if you like Robots and Breadboards and STEM, this is the project for you. So I hope you  read our blog and  wait for next week.


The Hour of Code

Screenshot (7) Coding is what people in computer science use to make software and applications for computers, phones, etc. The Hour of Code is a one hour program that teaches coding. Next week, The Best Buy Geek Squad is coming to the Teen Tech Center to teach the Hour of Code program to students at the Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County as well as the After School Allstars from Newark. The event will run from December 7th to the 13th. Students are able to learn computer science skills and are allowed to split up their learning time into multiple sessions so long as they finish the Hour of Code tutorial during the week. The Hour of Code doesn’t have to be limited to a computer. Anyone with a tablet or smartphone can take part in the event. The tutorial guides students itself so its okay if you don’t have any code knowledge prior. Any time next week students can take part in this activity that will hone their skills for future endeavors.

Taxi App

Screenshot (2)

In an effort to give the taxi companies of Jersey City and hopefully NYC an edge over Uber and Lyft, My team and I created an app that would give the cabbies a much needed advantage over their more independent rivals. While this app may still be in alpha status, it shows some early promising results with its user interface and controls. Hopefully the call and location sections of the app can be improved to make it more effective and the app will be able to go on both iOS and Android. The process of creating this app was long and tedious due to the internet shutting down and various team members calling in sick. Eventually, the app was finished and works quite well.

Note: No one try to copy this app



This is an app i made with a quick thought and I actually got

somewhere with it. AZER is a computer company I want to create

when I become a major engineer and own a big company. I made this

app because I find it interesting to make a personal app for your future

company. And I had a good time making this app.  Discuss the different pages you created and why. Discuss the type of code you used and your experience learning the program. Create a Close up image of just the app itself to use as a featured image
Screenshot (3)

Teen Tech Center App

This is an app created by Ayanna , Cole . We have been working for 1 week and 2 days.This app is to advertise the teen tech center and have people know what we are about and what we do. We faced alot of challenges like the internet not working. One person not being here we had to overcome that and do it buy our selves.  We decided to do this app to advertise the teen tech center. We created three different pages to change from on screen to the next.  We used Java  Script, It was difficult but i enjoyed learning it.


NJ Routes – App

Transportation is a very important tool to get around to places you need to go. This is why we felt the need to create a NJ Transit app. I’ve learned that making an app could be an interesting process. I personally enjoy video production more than app making but it was still a great experience. The process of making this app was kind of difficult but once we got the hang of it, it was easy. We had to design the app then add a code to program each and every button on the app. The pages we had consisted of a home page, a bus schedule page, and bus route pages. The type of code we used is JavaScript and I loved the experience and it was great way to learn the skill.  

Screenshot (1)




Coding week – JC Events App

App screenshot
This week we did coding and we made an app about Jersey City events. When you use the app, you can see the events that are upcoming for each day of the week.  We decide to make this because there are no  apps that tell Jersey City events. We decide a need because the app can help people find Jersey city events.We created  a different page from Sunday to Saturday.the code we used was Javascript. App-screenshot-1024x631 (1)

Game Music Video

Students at BGCHC created video games with a program called GODOT with a lot of help from one of our volunteers, Jianying Ji. Thank you for making us look good Ji and for giving us a taste of game design. Some of the student’s video games put Pong to the test.