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Over the past five weeks, I learned how to play bass and some keyboards, I was back round singer in cover of Paradise City by Guns n’ Roses, and I played bass in a song called Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown. The song had piano, bass, and drums which were played by students. We all had to get together and learn the song to together. We all had a general idea on how the song was played we just had to put the song together. The first week I did some beat production. The beats I tried to make were happy, sad, mad, etc.

I was able to make new friends and talk to different people and express and do different things. I expressed myself through songs and beats that I made. Everyone was nice and friendly with each other and we all grew to be close friends. Teachers named Tim and Leo were great because they showed us how to record our music. They were patient with me even though  I knew nothing about music and showed me how to play piano, keyboard, and bass.


Background Vocals – Paradise City

Bass – Don’t Judge Me

Vocals, Tomfoolery – I Like Turtles (Original)

Jethro’s “I Won’t Stop Loving You” Behind The Scenes

IMG_0456“I Won’t Stop Loving You” is a song I wrote that’s about general love and loving another person. I was up one night when I couldn’t sleep and I was just thinking about music. I started playing my guitar and eventually the song came out after strumming for a while. I started feeling the beat and I felt like I was in a new world. Nothing else mattered to me at that moment. The chorus was the first thing I developed for this song. I eventually started thinking about the verses and came up with it after two hours of playing. I set up the sing in the proper order and I think it came out pretty well.

I started developing the song about a year ago, and when I attended summer camp I began to build on it more. One of the advisers for the music program, Leo, helped me develop the song more. That inspired me to work on it more. When I met Nicholas Neve and Timothy Erbach, I decided to record it with them, and I tried to invent my own vocal style for the song. I’m doing the vocals and acoustic guitar for the song while Nick and Tim helped me record the song.

Now, we are also recording a version where we are all playing together, adding as we go along. I loved the experience. Working with Nick and Tim has helped me discover new things in music and they’ve helped me get better at it and inspired me to keep playing.

Bianca’s “Box of Matches” Behind The Scenes

IMG_0448“Box of Matches” is an original song I wrote about a passion so strong, that the person who is withholding these feelings gets burned to death by their partners appearance. The overall moral of the song is that “you’re so hot, you’re burning me.” I came up with the idea by attempting to write a song and unfortunately, failing at it over and over again. I used the first lines “Take time to settle down…” from a previous song I had written. The song became widely popular at the Teen Tech Center and it will be featured on our upcoming album, Teen Bash Volume 2.

The song includes Tim Erbach and Nicholas Neve, who are performing the background music on the track. Tim is playing piano and bass on the track while Nick does the drums. They’re both looking over the track to make sure there are no inconsistencies in the songs. I am performing the vocals on the track. It has been an amazing experience. It serves as a reminder on why I love singing. It’s like feeling the holy spirit over again each time we rehearse the song.

Grammy Camp 2015


Grammy Camp 2015



On Saturday, October 17th, students of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County attended Grammy Camp, an annual program which teaches students about music production, song writing, as well as providing vocal lessons. Grammy Camps was not only open to students at the Boys and Girls Club, but to the public as well. It helped bring out new ways to inspire and teach teens, showing students something that they didn’t know they had in them, and further enhancing their abilities. For many, music is a way of expressing themselves. Many teens came together to turn dreams into reality and most those attending the event seemed to be focused on music production and singing.

IMG_0100“I attended Grammy Camp because I could not that opportunity pass me by,” said Siyah, an aspiring singer. “Music is my best friend. It’s always meant a lot to me. It didn’t come into my life until much later and it helped me express myself.”

Music Production teaches students how to use pro tools, a program used to help make music beats. Several members of the Teen Tech Center felt a connection to music, further enticing them to take part in the annual Grammy Camp event.

“My interest in music is the connection I’ve had with it and other people. It calms my soul and puts me in another world,” said Jocelyn, who learned about music production. “I learned how people make music with musicians and saw all the work that goes into it. I learned about loops and rhythm. I also learned how to use a keyboard that’s used for making music on a computer.”

“My interest in music goes back to when I was a kid. Music has always been there and it has made my days better,” said Domanick, who also learned music production. “Audio engineering in music is my Plan B in life.”

“My interest in music has always been singing and I wanted to learn what I could do to improve as a singer,” said Amalfi, a student who took the opportunity to enhance her  vocal abilities.

Most teens who took part in vocal lessons said they all learned how important eye contact was in maintaining a connection with their audience. While speaking with some of the teens who were in attendance, it was very interesting to see how enthusiastic they were when asked about what they took away from this experience. Many teens described the experience as “very fun, interesting, and incredible.”

IMG_0076 (1)“The experience was more than I expected. I felt like a social butterfly,” said Jocelyn. “I wish I could do it every day. I met so many great people.”

There’s no doubt about the positive influence that Grammy Camp has had on the teens. Each teen was very vocal about their experience and it would seem that many of them plan to continue a career in the music field. It’s been wonderful to see that there are still young boys and girls out there with great aspirations.

“I aspire to be like the artists I see on the actual Grammy’s,” said Siyah. “My instructors were very inspiring. It was an open opportunity for me to learn from the best. I learned a lot of techniques from my teacher and now I will be able to apply them in my quest to become a singer. My experience was incredible. It taught me a lot of lessons that I can hold on to as I continue my career in music.”






Domanick Experience at the Music Studio

My experience at the music studio was great. I felt like I was in heaven, I like all the diffenert instruments that were in the studio, but what caught my attention was the booth, because it had a lot of things that caught my attention like how they control the sound, and how he use logic to alternate the sounds. It was a fun day for me I learn a lot more things about beat makers. Oh yea a lot of things made me say throwback lol.20150730_133724


I made this because I felt like making something new but that has a calm beat to it that makes everyone feel relax. The instrumental beats I use was electric piano, drum beats, synths, dub step beats, string, and guitar. It was a process for me, when i choice a beat i make sure that all the sounds blend in together.After i was done with this i put it on so i can feel relax.

Clarissa’s Experience at the Music Studio

The music group from the teen tech center went to a real music studio and had the opportunity to see how things really are. I was so excited to see all of the equipment and instruments in the studio. I was able to see how the process of recording works and editing works. Then some others recorded on a few songs and it was a lot of fun. I also recorded on a song as well and it was fun but at that moment I realized that rapping is not for me, I just like listening to it. Nevertheless it was overall a fun and great experience.


Kiana’s Experience at the Music Studio

On Thursday, July 31st the music group in the teen tech center went to a music studio. I was excited because i actually got to see the equipment they used to make, record, and produce music. I also enjoyed how my friends would record something and how you could put all these different effects on it. I enjoyed going to the music studio, it was a really great experience.

Fadeaway by Dayshawn, Bianca, & Jethro



I wrote this song, it was a description of how I felt. I got Jethro to add in guitar and the words fit perfectly to the rhythm. Then we decided to add Bianca to do the second verse. The song really came together when we added Bianca.


Party Crazy

I created this song because I like being a wild person and it describes me.Also it just popped out of my mind.This song is about partying and acting crazy and going to california.I wrote it because of my personality and emotions and to try to make it all the way to the top and being a singer.Finally its about being yourself and nobody else and making your dreams come true,also we used guitar in song and we recorded it all together. This is about wild and crazy because it shows your fun side not your boring side.