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Wonderful World

Our teens at Best Buys Teen Tech Center in The Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County wrote, filmed, and produced their own music video syncing to the music of one of our interns Celina Nieves song “Wonderful World”.

Celina’s Music Video

The first week of camp we learned about photography. One thing I learned was that you have to focus the camera a certain way. We learned that they have different components of photography. For example: Texture, Emptiness, Landscape, Pattern and POV. I wasn’t really interested in photography. I wanted to learn about editing with films. I was very nervous to come to camp on the first week because I didn’t know anyone except my IMG_0510cousin Zaynah.

The second week was the best. We made a music video for Liv. She sang an original song called Ascending. We didn’t have her in our group and we had some trouble getting Liv in our video. In the end the video ended up being very nice. I edited and Zaynah recorded while Nate was the actor in the music video. It was a love story about Liv and Nate. They were seperated because of distance. I think that it wIMG_0449as good that we did a music video.

Last week we did a music video for Celina and it was very fun. We learned about more components like Rack focus, Orientation and Extreme Close-Up. The location that we filmed was in the Teen Tech Center.  We also filmed in the front of the center. We had so much fun when we were filming. The group that I was in last week was very good. We all got along very well. I learned a lot of techniques in editing. The camp is very fun. The teachers were so helpful when we needed them to help us.




Fireflies By: Alpha Artists

We created a music video to go along with a song created by our music group. The song is named Fireflies it has lots of different instruments and beats. We used a Canon camera to shoot all the different parts of the video. We, the Alpha Artists have had to edit and cut and trim the video many times. We used different lights to fade the background. We did all this on Adobe Premier Pro to put it all together.

The Wish

We created a video so that the music studio can accompany our video with their music. There was a difficult process that we had to go through. We had to write the script for the video first and then we filmed and once it was edited together, we added the music from the music studio to it. This is the the version that has audio on it.

Directed By: Jada Tummings
Edited By: Brianna Thomas
Filmed By: Xavier Roca

Mentor of The Year


At our Best Buy Teen Tech Center, the teens have nominated Timothy Erbach for Mentor of The Year. He has been an amazing inspiration to all of the teens in the Teen Tech Center and I am glad to have someone like him mentoring me.


Teen Tech “Home Alone”: Behind the Scenes

20151202_165754“Teen Tech Home Alone” is a parody film inspired by the “Home Alone” film series. The film is being developed by the Teen Tech Center. The initial concept came from one of the students, Jessie, who’s been involved with the project since its conception. Most of the teens have been generally excited to start filming for the project. Jessie and Jorge, an intern at the Tech Center, wrote the script and developed the storyboards for the film. In “Teen Tech Home Alone,” a student winds up getting locked in the Teen Tech Center after staying after school to play drums. Eventually, robbers are trying to break into the facility in order steal the music equipment. The hero of the film must thwart the robbers attempts in typical “Home Alone” fashion. The experience has been fulfilling for the students. Shooting is still continuing at the moment due to technical issues, but that has not stopped it from being a good learning experience for the students. Filming and production should be done by next week. “Teen Tech Home Alone” will be shown at the Teen Tech Center during the 2015 Holiday Season.20151202_165503