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i had so much fun at the park taking these photos i will love to keep taking photos like the ones here in my opinion animals are the best models ever i love taking pictures of them.


Over the past five weeks, I learned how to play bass and some keyboards, I was back round singer in cover of Paradise City by Guns n’ Roses, and I played bass in a song called Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown. The song had piano, bass, and drums which were played by students. We all had to get together and learn the song to together. We all had a general idea on how the song was played we just had to put the song together. The first week I did some beat production. The beats I tried to make were happy, sad, mad, etc.

I was able to make new friends and talk to different people and express and do different things. I expressed myself through songs and beats that I made. Everyone was nice and friendly with each other and we all grew to be close friends. Teachers named Tim and Leo were great because they showed us how to record our music. They were patient with me even though  I knew nothing about music and showed me how to play piano, keyboard, and bass.


Background Vocals – Paradise City

Bass – Don’t Judge Me

Vocals, Tomfoolery – I Like Turtles (Original)

Wonderful World

Our teens at Best Buys Teen Tech Center in The Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County wrote, filmed, and produced their own music video syncing to the music of one of our interns Celina Nieves song “Wonderful World”.

Celina’s Music Video

The first week of camp we learned about photography. One thing I learned was that you have to focus the camera a certain way. We learned that they have different components of photography. For example: Texture, Emptiness, Landscape, Pattern and POV. I wasn’t really interested in photography. I wanted to learn about editing with films. I was very nervous to come to camp on the first week because I didn’t know anyone except my IMG_0510cousin Zaynah.

The second week was the best. We made a music video for Liv. She sang an original song called Ascending. We didn’t have her in our group and we had some trouble getting Liv in our video. In the end the video ended up being very nice. I edited and Zaynah recorded while Nate was the actor in the music video. It was a love story about Liv and Nate. They were seperated because of distance. I think that it wIMG_0449as good that we did a music video.

Last week we did a music video for Celina and it was very fun. We learned about more components like Rack focus, Orientation and Extreme Close-Up. The location that we filmed was in the Teen Tech Center.  We also filmed in the front of the center. We had so much fun when we were filming. The group that I was in last week was very good. We all got along very well. I learned a lot of techniques in editing. The camp is very fun. The teachers were so helpful when we needed them to help us.




Developing A Video Idea

When I first stepped into the program I did not know what to expect in the Teen Tech Center. On the first week, we took pictures and had a scavenger hunt at Liberty State Park and it was a new experience for me since I never did a scavenger hunt with pictures before.  Although the program started off slow, it gradually got better each week.

The second week, I was able to be in a group with a talented young filmmaker and we got to make a music video for a peer who is in the music program for the Teen Tech Center. It was the first ever music video that I was apart of filming and it was fun being a producer for the project. I helped give creative ideas for the music video and I helped film some scenes as well.

In the third week I worked with Jada’s group and we helped make a music video for one of the teachers in the program named Celina. While my assigned job did not involve most of the camera work or editing I was an actor in the program and I helped with the creation process of writing the storyboard for our music video. I can say that it was my favorite project I have done so far for the Teen Tech Center.courtney

In conclusion, I am thankful for the people I have met in the Teen Tech Center. I now enjoy being there and I have learned many things and I hope too learn many more.


IMG_1513I really enjoyed working here. I was able to use a recording studio, and record myself singing, playing guitar, and harmonizing my voice, seeing how they go together. I learned more how to produce music, and making the instruments sound better. I enjoyed playing with the synthesizer, and seeing which of them can go with my music and sound good. Working in the recording studio and making music was fun, and I really enjoyed it.


Guitar, Vocals,m Engineering & Production – Freebird

Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Engineering & Production – Paradise City

Adiva’s post

IMG_1510I remember that I was learning the basics and routines of playing the drums through out all of last week. I also learned how to listen to songs and find out the beats to them and perform them myself even though it takes some time. But I learn very quick so I got used to it automatically. I learned a lot last week and I’m learning something different this week. I’m learning the lyrics this time so I can learn the beat and add my own beat to it or just leave it as it is.

Drums – Don’t Judge Me

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